If you’re searching for a landscaping service, don’t overlook the value that local landscaping services provide. Local landscaping companies offer unique advantages that are hard to find with national chain landscaping services. Here are three benefits you don’t want to miss out on.

1. They Offer Flexible Services

Local landscaping companies offer a suite of flexible services that allow you to pick and choose what you need. National chains don’t typically offer flexibility, as they have a stringent list of options. It can be tough to get the customized solutions that you need.

Local landscapers are more willing to work with you. They can easily adjust service packages to suit your specific needs. A national chain provider would have to get permission to do so.

2. They Have Local Knowledge

Each area is slightly different from other areas regarding plants. Local landscaping services understand the uniqueness of your area. They know which plants will do well and which plants are best to avoid planting. They use formal education and hands-on experience to provide insightful information about landscape design and care.

There are just some things about landscaping you cannot learn from a book or generalized information that national chains rely on. Your local landscaper has an insight into the local climate and soil that is hard to find any other way.

3. They Support Your Local Economy

When you choose a local landscaping service, you’re doing your part by supporting your community. According to Jobber Academy, about 62% of landscaping clients are from single-family homes. Many of those clients choose local landscapers to meet their needs because they want to support their local economy.

When you hire a local landscaping company that works in your area, you’re likely supporting a handful of landscapers with families that live in your community. When they get paid, they shop at the same stores you shop at. This is the best way to give back to your community!

When you hire a local landscaping company, you’ll be more than impressed with the high-quality results. Connect with S&T Landscape Services today to get the tree, sprinkler, planting, water feature, and outdoor lighting services you deserve. We’ll improve your home’s curb appeal and ensure you love your landscape!