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Jill Barlett

Jill graduated from UT Arlington in 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Communication. After she and Steven were married, she began managing the accounting, scheduling, and customer service while supporting Steven’s vision. Jill holds licenses in irrigation repair with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and chemical applications with the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).

Portrait of Jill Bartlett

Portrait of Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett Jr.

Steven is S&T Landscape Services’ foliage and construction expert. He is licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for sprinkler system design and installation, backflow, and onsite sewage facility installation. Steven started trimming trees and mowing with his father at the age of 8. By the time he was 11 years old, he was pushing the lawn mower down the street and asking neighbors to mow their lawn. For the past 35 years, Steven has done everything from tree climbing to designing and installing landscape construction of all types.