Residential and Commercial Drainage Solutions

S&T Landscape Services specializes in Texas flash flood drainage solutions and erosion control. All successful landscape projects (big and small) have to consider water flow during mild rain as well as a flash flood.

Drainage issues can be serious along the front, back, and sides of the property, which can make maintaining grass and plants in those areas seem impossible. We have solutions to help with drainage and erosion control such as collection basins with transport pipes, faux riverbeds, French drains, and even all three at the same property.

One of our specialties is providing drainage solutions and erosion control through innovative landscaping. In fact, it’s a necessity in order to have short and long-term success with any landscape installations.

We often use landscaping to solve problems in areas that have erosion issues or that have heavy water runoff in general. Re-grading the area and installing xeriscape with hardscape materials ensures that the water will flow through the area during heavy rain and not wash the dirt, grass, or landscape material with it.

No matter the problem, we have a drainage solution for you! Call us today!