Riverbed and Water Feature Construction

S&T Landscape Services is skilled at building flowing riverbeds, ponds, and water features of all sizes & types. We use a variety of boulders, flagstone slabs, cobblestone, and decorative gravel to create a natural-looking water feature that can suit any customer’s need.

We offer a pondless riverbed and/or water feature option that can drastically reduce the maintenance necessary to keep it functioning properly. Ponds and riverbeds with ponds have circulating but still water, which has a tendency to create more algae than a pondless water feature. Although a pond requires more maintenance, it is necessary if you’re going to have aquatic plants or fish. If you don’t plan on having aquatic plants or fish, the look and sound of flowing water can be accomplished by using a pondless water feature.

Water features are just the beginning! We can add steps, bridges, lights, plants, and an array of items to make your experience even more amazing! Regardless of your needs, we can design and install what works best for your property.

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