Install or Repair Your Sprinkler System

S&T Landscape Services has extensive experience with irrigation systems of all types, both new and old. Not only do we design and install high-efficiency irrigation systems, but we also have over 25 years of experience with irrigation repairs as well. Our staff is well versed in all irrigation applications, including dripline irrigation for flower beds, pots, and small areas that may need a more focused approach.

S&T is licensed by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) for sprinkler system design, installation & repair. We are also licensed by the TCEQ for backflow installation and repair, and we hold a Class II OSSF septic and aerobic installer license as well. Our CAD certification helps us design new irrigation systems, drainage, and other various types of landscape construction.

Irrigation in Texas plays an important role for a successful landscape. We feel that consistent water application ensures healthy foliage and a strong structural foundation for your stonework, patio, and home foundation.

Consistent water application is the only way to ensure progressive and advancing growth on your foliage. It’s also the number one way to combat freeze damage and drought. Stress on foliage gives way to insects, fungus, drought or freezing. However, when the foliage has appropriate water it is less stressed and remains resilient throughout the seasons.

Consistent water application also ensures your soil has as little movement as possible. Home foundations, concrete slabs/patios, and even simple rock flower bed edges crack or deteriorate due to extended periods of inconsistent water application. When soil dries out it shrinks and when it gets wet again it expands. This creates a wave of movement around the foundation which eventually causes enough stress to create a fracture. Consistent water application ensures that the soil remains hydrated at all times, thus preventing soil movement.

Call us today to schedule your sprinkler system repair, or to get your free estimate on a new irrigation system! We offer a 5-year parts warranty and 1-year installation/labor warranty for sprinkler projects.