Keep Your Property’s Trees Healthy

Our professional and experienced tree climbers understand how to trim trees properly and care for them. S&T Landscape Services specializes in training trees, not just trimming them.

We offer tree pruning and topping services and complete removals, including stump grinding. We also offer a full line of core chemical treatments for your trees such as root strengthening food, systemic insecticides, and disease/fungus treatments, which help protect and treat your trees.

Although we specialize in tree services, we also understand that tree services impact the rest of your landscape as well. The foundation, grass, and irrigation below the canopy of the trees, and the amount of light and water needed for the area both play an important role in determining how we approach your tree trimming and/or removal.

Know what you want done? Call and schedule your free estimate today! Need advice from one of our tree experts on how to address a tree issue? Call and schedule a paid consultation to meet with one of our tree experts.

We are fully insured for up to $1 million for your protection!