Transform Your Yard

In Texas, finding shade or going outside during low light hours are some of the only times you can enjoy the outdoors during the summertime. Installing landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces during any season.

Outdoor lighting can also be used to illuminate steps, pathways, fence lines, and sheds, and adding aquatic lighting to a riverbed or water feature can make all the difference.

Landscape lighting is a much-needed security feature that all residential properties need.

We offer accent lighting and spotlighting. One creates a focused “hotspot” of light on the object, and the other illuminates and creates depth. Sometimes we combine both for the best results. At S&T Landscape Services, we utilize spotlights, pathway lights, strip and inset lighting, aquatic lights, and more!

S&T Landscape offers a low-voltage LED lighting system that makes a huge impact on your landscaping and structures without heavily impacting your electric bill. We use Kichler Outdoor Lighting systems for the majority of our jobs. Kichler light bulbs are encapsulated into their fixtures and each fixture is built to last! If you do experience a bulb burnout, Kichler offers a 15-year warranty on their materials which means you may call us and we will replace the entire fixture under the Kichler warranty.

Professional note:

When it is dark at night and the lights are on inside your house, you may close your window blinds for more privacy because it’s easy to see in. When you install accent lighting outside the home it places that light “in front” of the windows, making it more difficult to see into the home while the window blinds are open.