Upgrade Your Property To Your Specifications

Many factors must be considered before we’re able to offer recommendations on stone/concrete work or hardscapes of any type.

Texas soils range from sand and clay to rock. Seasonal conditions change quickly from wet to dry for extended periods of time. These diverse soil types combined with extended periods of drought followed by wet periods create excessive soil movement throughout the year. These soil movements are the number one reason why stonework, foundations, and concrete fail over time.

Sometimes, stone or concrete work isn’t the best solution for your hardscape area. Another alternative solution we offer is xeriscaping.

Unlike stone and concrete work that can’t be removed, and doesn’t allow water to absorb into the area, xeriscaping is a flexible hardscape. Decorative gravel, cobblestone, decomposed granite, rubber mulch, or other non-organic material are used in xeriscaping. Xeriscape is a style of landscape design requiring little to no irrigation or need for maintenance.

The purpose of using xeriscape is to reduce maintenance and water usage, thus costing less money along with using less of the earth’s natural resources. Other great uses for xeriscapes are to control erosion and water flow issues, and they can be used as a solution for hard-to-grow areas.

With over 25 years of landscape experience in Texas, S&T Landscape Services understands what works best! Call us today to get started.