Outdoor Living Space Design and Installation

An outdoor living space can add incredible appeal, intrigue, and value to your home and the surrounding property! No matter what your design preferences or personal tastes are, S&T Landscape Services can help bring your precise vision for an outdoor living space to life. As the most trusted resource in landscaping in Mansfield, TX and the surrounding areas, there is no finer choice than S&T Landscape Services for the design, creation, and installation of your outdoor living area. We’ll assist you from start to finish and make sure you achieve all your goals for this special living space. Our goal is to help you create something that you and your family can enjoy for years to come!

S&T Landscape Services knows how to build outdoor living spaces in Texas!

Normally, the most important aspect of an outdoor living space in Texas is shade. Whether you want a shaded area or an area that has sun, we can help design & install something amazing! Our extensive experience with landscaping in Mansfield, TX means we’ve learned innovative ways to create shade and put you in a comfortable environment while at the same time creating an enjoyable scenery that pleases the eye. We take problem areas and turn them into utilizable areas! Most people turn to covered patios or pergolas to create shade outside.

Not every outdoor living space has to be a high-dollar covered patio, kitchen, bar, TV watching space with fans, and a pool in the background. An outdoor living space can be a garden with seating, including a small pergola. It could be a pathway with a bench next to it, ready for an early morning book reading or used for some cell phone work. Changing your normal environment and actions stimulates the mind. Outdoor living spaces can help you mentally grow and enjoy things you never thought were possible. We want to transform your landscaping in Mansfield, TX into something you’ll love.

Outdoor living areas normally require some type of seating. Whether it’s ordering prefabricated chairs and tables, or building custom cedar benches, stone benches, swings, or hammocks, we can build them all!

Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, TVs, radios, lighting, and water features are just some of the amazing features that we can install for you!

Call us today to schedule a consultation! You’ll quickly learn why we’re the most reputable and reliable provider of all things landscaping in Mansfield, TX!