Landscapers are some of the best resources to use if you have a large project that requires specialized attention. They are experts in creating beautiful landscapes and gardens, and they have the skills necessary to turn any yard into a masterpiece. Excellent landscapers possess many qualities that make them stand out from the rest. Here are some of the qualities of excellent landscapers to look for when hiring someone for your next project!

1. Great Personal References

According to Jobber Academy, 31% of landscaping businesses say local demand has grown with more people wanting to stay home. It’s not difficult to find a landscaper who looks good on paper, but it’s important to make sure they have great personal references from past clients. Look for a landscaper that can provide you with glowing reviews and happy customers. Ask for phone numbers, or even better, try to visit a few of their projects in person!

2. Expert Knowledge

Excellent landscapers have the knowledge and experience to handle any project. They understand the local climate, the soil type, and how to design a landscape that is both aesthetically pleasing and pleasing from an ecological standpoint. They should also be familiar with the native plants and trees as well as techniques to help them thrive in their environment. Landscapers who have a deep understanding of the principles of plant biology are some of the best assets you can have when it comes to landscaping.

3. Strong Design Skills

A great landscaper knows how to create a beautiful design for yards of any size. They understand how elements like color, texture, scale, and contrast come together to form a cohesive landscape plan. Quality landscapers will also be able to work within your budget and incorporate creative ideas into the project without sacrificing its overall aesthetic. In addition, they should be able to work with your vision instead of completely ignoring your wishes. Having a balance of design skills and practicality makes for a great landscaper!

4. Going Above and Beyond

Excellent landscapers go above and beyond for their clients. They anticipate potential problems and take the necessary steps to prevent them from occurring. Quality landscapers are also always willing to listen to your input and work with you to create a landscape that suits your individual needs. In addition, they can provide you with additional services such as routine maintenance, fertilization, pruning, and more. This kind of attention to detail is a great sign that you’ve hired the right landscaper for the job.

5. Personable and Professional

A good landscaper should be both personable and professional. They should be easy to talk to, friendly, reliable, and open-minded when it comes to collaborative projects. On top of that, they should also be trustworthy in terms of timelines, budget restrictions, project materials, etc. Trust is an important factor when deciding on a landscaper, so finding one you can rely on to get the job done is essential.

6. Offers Competitive Prices

Landscaping projects can quickly become expensive, so it’s important to find a landscaper who is able to offer competitive prices. Quality landscapers are usually willing to work with your budget and provide you with options that don’t break the bank. Ask for estimates from different landscapers and compare them side-by-side in order to get the best value for your money. Professional landscapers can provide you with transparent pricing, detailed invoices, and other documents so you can track your expenses. A trustworthy landscaper ensures that you understand the cost of your project ahead of time.

7. Knowledge of Local Laws

From water restrictions to permit requirements, there are many local laws that need to be taken into consideration when landscaping. Hiring a landscaper who is knowledgeable about these laws can be the difference between a successful project and a potential fine. Ask your prospective landscapers about their familiarity with local ordinances, and make sure they understand what needs to be done in order to comply. For instance, some cities require that all plants and trees be native to the area in order to protect the local ecosystems. The more your landscaper knows about the local laws, the better off your project will be.

These are just a few of the qualities that excellent landscapers should possess. When searching for one, make sure you take these traits into consideration. Doing so will ensure that your project ends up looking as beautiful and functional as it should! If you need help finding reliable landscapers near you, call S&T Landscape Services today!